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Who We Are

Personnel Security Professionals was founded by two veterans with extensive experience as government and contract subject matter experts in the Industrial and Personnel Security fields. Their shared expertise led them to identify a demand for improved security programs that could benefit from streamlined and efficient processes, tailored to provide customized levels of support. Today, Personnel Security Professionals stands as a team of trusted authority in enhancing security programs and providing optimal protection for a diverse range of clients, spanning the defense sector and beyond

Nicholas LeVasseur
Chief Executive Officer


Nick Levasseur is a combat veteran and a respected expert in the personnel security mission space. As a certified adjudicator, he was responsible for making crucial security determinations, showcasing his expertise in navigating complex security landscapes. His roles as the Industry Liaison for the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) and an IT Systems Analyst/Program Manager for the Defense Information System for Security (DISS) have equipped him with unique insights into the intersection of security, technology, and industry. Since transitioning from civil service, Nick’s dedication to supporting cleared industry has been unwavering, fueling his leadership as the CEO of PerSecPros

Cory Klein


Cory Klein, former Marine, co-founder and President of Personnel Security Professionals LLC, brings an exceptional background and unwavering dedication to the field.  Holding management and director-level positions in both large corporations and small enterprises, Cory has consistently demonstrated his subject matter expertise and high achiever mindset in government and industry circles. With a proven track record, Cory conducts impactful training sessions and delivers insightful briefings to numerous organizations nationwide. His passion for excellence drives the ongoing success of Personnel Security Professionals, ensuring clients receive unparalleled expertise and support

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