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Who We Are

Personnel Security Professionals was started by two veterans who have served as government and contract subject matter experts in Industry and Personnel Security for more than 30 years combined. Together they recognized a need to enhance security programs through streamlined, efficient processes consisting of custom levels of support. 

Nicholas LeVasseur
Chief Executive Officer


Nick LeVasseur is the co-founder and CEO of Personnel Security Professionals LLC, a security firm specializing in the application of the Federal Personnel and Industrial Security programs.  Prior to his current position, his full-time efforts have been focused on optimizing the Nation’s security posture as the Customer Relations Manager for DoD personnel security systems, Deputy Program Manager for the Defense Information System for Security (DISS) and Industry liaison for the application of the National Industrial Security Program.

Cory Klein


Cory Klein is the co-founder and President of Personnel Security Professionals LLC. After serving in the US Marine Corps, Cory embarked on his 15-year career in the personnel security field holding management and director-level positions for both large and small corporations. During his tenure, Cory has developed a reputation in government and industry as a subject matter expert and a high-achiever, conducting training and briefings for organizations across the country.